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Admission process

The brand-new American University of Bahrain is open for admission for students. Semester commences September 2019 for our six degree programs. To apply, simply read through the requirements below, complete the online form and upload supporting documents.

Required documents

All applicants must have completed a secondary (high) school education or the equivalent of 12 years of schooling. Minimum scores are defined for high school certificates under a variety of systems including Bahraini, American, International Baccalaureate, Lebanese, Indian and British.

To formally be admitted to the University, you will need to provide the following original documents or proof of pending results:

  • Statement of graduation / High school diploma
  • Secondary school completion certificates (semesters 1-6) / High school transcripts

    Note: Please contact the Admissions Office if you are under the following curriculum:

    • A-level
    • IB Diploma

    Or any other qualifications certificate

  • Reference letter from Counselor / Teacher / Principal
  • English language proficiency such as IELTS (academic) and / or TOEFL
  • Passport copy
  • CPR copy / National ID
  • Medical Report from a public health center
  • Two photographs

Once you have completed the form, please submit it with the above documents uploaded. We may require to view the original document at later stage, which we will then return to you.

To view tuitions and fees click here.

For an appointment with a member of our Recruitment and Outreach team, or if you have any queries, please use the contact form at the bottom of the first page of this web portal

Conditional enrollment plan

The Conditional Admission Plan is for students who do not perform as expected on the pre-assessment English exams. Based on student scores, they will be enrolled either traditionally in their program or conditionally.

The conditionally admitted students could take up to two general education courses (optional) for the first semester and the English for Academic Purposes Program which is made up of two modules; one to increase levels of reading/writing, while the other focuses on listening and speaking.

When the English remediation courses are completed successfully, the student can then be fully admitted into their program of study and will receive credit for the general education courses.

Section A - Personal details

Address Information

Section B - Education background

Please list all your academic qualifications to date, placing your most recent first. If you are awaiting the results of any examinations, please write PENDING in the GPA/Average column. Please provide a copy of your certificates and transcripts with this application.

Important notes:

  1. If you are a Bahraini graduate of a private school or institute, you will be to provide a copy of your endorsed certificate and transcript from the Directorate of Private Education Sector of the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  2. For Non-Bahraini applicants, please make sure that you have all your academic qualifications endorsed by the authorities concerned.

Section C - Type of admission

Student status

Section D - Fees, funding and sponsorship

Who will be responsible for paying for your tuition fees for the duration of your study at AUBH? (please tick as appropriate)

Section E - Program applied for

Which undergraduate program are you applying for?

Section F - Special needs

AUBH accepts applicants with special needs based on academic achievements, regardless of their special need. Provided that the university can accommodate their special needs. The university provides certain support and facilities for the students with special needs.

All information relevant to the student’s special needs status will be treated confidentially.

Please tick the box(s):

* Applicants with special needs must report the special need nature of their disability through supporting medical reports.

Section G - Further information

Where did you hear about AUBH?
Max character count: 1000
Max character count: 1000

Section H - Emergency contact details

Emergency contact 1
Emergency contact 2

Section I - undertaking

Section J - Upload your documents

  • Document type: jpg, jpeg, png, pdf
  • Max file size: 2MB
  • Document type: jpg, jpeg, png, pdf
  • Max file size: 2MB
  • Document type: jpg, jpeg, png, pdf
  • Max file size: 2MB
  • Document type: jpg, jpeg, png, pdf, docx
  • Max file size: 2MB
  • Document type: jpg, jpeg, png, pdf
  • Max file size: 2MB
  • Document type: jpg, jpeg, png, pdf
  • Max file size: 2MB
  • Document type: jpg, jpeg, png
  • Max file size: 2MB
  • Document type: jpg, jpeg, png
  • Max file size: 2MB
  • Document type: jpg, jpeg, png, pdf
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